using pyvenv in Centos 7

Recently, I need to use python 3 in Centos 7.

In order to use python 3, you need to enable epel

yum install epel-release

then you can yum install python3.4

Everything seems to be fine until you setup a virtual environment using pyvenv you will receive this error.

pyvenv-3.4 returned non-zero exit status 1

You need to add –without-pip option to make this work….

pyvenv-3.4 myvenv –without-pip

But then you will not have pip to use… you need to manually install pip… The easiest way is to use

Go to this site, then download

then activate your virtual env.

source myvenv/bin/activate

cp the file to your virtual env folder then run


Then you will have a working pythong environment in Centos 7.


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